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Betting on NFL football isnt easy, but here at TheBettorBet.com we've tried to make it much easier.

What We Do:

Each week we give away all our picks for free. Premium Members have access to everything we're taking as well as everything that we might take by Wednesday afternoon.

For everyone else we give away picks each week on our podcast as well as an hour before the games on twitter and pick monitor.

Perhaps most importantly, we update our historical betting data each week. Our pivot table spans as far back as 1993. You can check out a sample here: Pivot Table - NFL ATS records - Sample


Who We are:

We've developed a formula for betting on professional football, and each week between weeks 3 and 16 we post games which we feel have the best chance at yielding a profit for our readers.  Every week our system imputs data into statistical models and outputs the predicted spread and over/under for each game that week.  The models are based on multiple years of data, game conditions, and other variables.  If the predicted spread or over/under has a large enough difference from the true spread or over/under, those are the games that we choose.  The models have been tested and validated, and over the past 17 years our models have been correct on 60% of the games they have selected.

A lot of people ask, "Why only between weeks 3 and 16?"  Simply put, those are the weeks that yield the best results.  Prior to week 3 there is just not enough data to accurately predict games, and after week 16 there are just too many variables at play that the model doesnt consider (teams that have clinched, resting players, teams packing it in, etc). So if you can tough it out and hold off on betting until week 3 we think you will be rewarded, as we want our readers to be as profitable as they can over the course of the year.

Taking a look at our 2014 records you can see we make a bunch of different plays:

Screenshot (2)

Our model games are what I described above, and our over/under model did especially well last year.

Our "New System" games are a type of game we started betting last year in addition to the model. We'll be writing more about that this season so stay tuned.

Our non-model games are games that we (the two guys who run this site) pick to be "best bets" throughout the year. We had a pretty middling year last year, but made a huge comeback to break even. For the second year in a row we were better than 75% on our playoff picks.



Thebettorbet.com is for entertainment purposes and we don't endorse gambling.


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